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Entangled Inequalities in Transnational Care Chains

Practices Across the Borders of Peru and Italy

Anna Katharina Skornia

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Anna Katharina Skornia, Entangled Inequalities in Transnational Care Chains (2014), transcript Verlag, Bielefeld, ISBN: 9783839428863

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Beschreibung / Abstract

Based on a multi-sited ethnographic case study on transnational care chains between Milan (Italy) and Lima, Huancayo, and Cuzco (Peru), the book explores how social inequalities are reproduced through the care practices that follow the introduction of Peruvian migrants into home-based elderly care.
Anna Katharina Skornia adopts an innovative approach in combining research on transnational care and migration with a perspective on entangled inequalities. In particular, the study sheds light on the role of state regulations in contributing to these inequalities as well as their ambiguous implications from the perspectives of both caregivers and receivers.


Anna Katharina Skornia completed her doctorate in Sociology from the Freie Universität Berlin. She is a member of the Research Network on Interdependent Inequalities in Latin America (desiguALdades.net). Her research interests include migration, care, and social inequality from a transnational perspective.


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  • Cover Entangled Inequalities in Transnational Care Chains
  • Contents
  • Acknowledgments
  • 1. Introduction
  • 2. Conceptualizing Transnational Care Chains
  • 2.1 Introduction
  • 2.2 Transnational Care Chains and Inequalities: Concepts and Premises
  • 2.3 Issues of Analysis and Theoretical Perspectives
  • 2.4 Conclusion
  • 3. Methodological Framework for the Study of Transnational Care Chains
  • 3.1 Introduction
  • 3.2 Characteristics and Methods of Multi-sited Ethnographic Research
  • 3.3 Fieldwork in Milan, Italy
  • 3.4 Fieldwork in Lima, Huancayo, and Cuzco/Urubamba, Peru
  • 3.5 Positionalities: My Relationships to Research Informants in Italy and Peru
  • 3.6 Considerations about Data Analysis and Presentation of Research Findings
  • 4. Peruvian Emigration and the Transnationalization of Care Practices
  • 4.1 Introduction
  • 4.2 From Internal to International Migration: Peru as a Sending Country
  • 4.3 Social, Political, and Economic Context of Emigration and Care Chains in Peru
  • 4.4 Conclusion
  • 5. Peruvian Migrants in the Sector of Home-Based Elderly Care in Italy
  • 5.1 Introduction
  • 5.2 The Transnationalization of Elderly Care
  • 5.3 Care Arrangements in Employer Households
  • 5.4 Conclusion
  • 6. The Transnational Care Practices of Peruvian Migrant Women and Men
  • 6.1 Introduction
  • 6.2 Caring for Children and Parents at a Distance
  • 6.3 Renegotiating Care in the Light of Family Migration and New Bonds of Intimacy
  • 6.4 Conclusion
  • 7. Child and Aged Care in Transnational Households in Peru
  • 7.1 Introduction
  • 7.2 Characteristics of Households and Family Members Left Behind in Peru
  • 7.3 Rearrangements of Child and Aged Care in Peru
  • 7.4 Perspectives of Children and Parents Left Behind
  • 7.5 Conclusion
  • 8. Conclusion
  • Bibliography
  • Appendix
  • Maps of Fieldwork Locations
  • Tables

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