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Writing about Lives in Science

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Writing about Lives in Science (20.11.2019), Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, 37073 Göttingen, ISBN: 9783847002635

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  • Table of Contents
  • Body
  • Paola Govoni: Crafting Scientific (Auto)‌Biographies
  • I. Positioning Biography and Autobiography within the History of Science
  • II. The Trouble with Biography
  • III. Featuring Diversity
  • IV. Back to (Auto)‌Biography
  • Part I Between Biography and Autobiography
  • Evelyn Fox Keller: Pot-holes Everywhere: How (not) to Read my Biography of Barbara McClintock
  • I. Act One: Circa 1977
  • II. Act Two: Feminist Responses after the Nobel Prize
  • III. Act Three: The Scientific Community Responds to the Nobel Prize
  • Londa Schiebinger: Following the Story: From The Mind Has No Sex? to Gendered Innovations
  • Georgina Ferry: Telling Stories or Making History? Two Lives in X-ray Crystallography
  • I. Dorothy Hodgkin's Life and Work
  • II. The Biographical Process
  • III. Max Perutz
  • IV. The Reception of Scientific Biography
  • V. Science on Stage
  • VI. Conclusion
  • Part II Shaping Biographies
  • Marta Cavazza: The Biographies of Laura Bassi
  • I. Towards a Laura Bassi Metabiography?
  • II. Rhetorical Strategies
  • III. Appendix: Laura Bassi's Biographies
  • Paula Findlen: Listening to the Archives: Searching for the Eighteenth-Century Women of Science
  • I. Between the Archive and the Encyclopedia
  • II. The Biographer's Subjectivity
  • III. Observing the Biographer at Work
  • Massimo Mazzotti: Rethinking Scientific Biography: The Enlightenment of Maria Gaetana Agnesi
  • I. Scientific Biography as a Genre
  • II. The Enigma of Agnesi
  • III. Mysticism and Logic
  • IV. Conclusion
  • Part III Networking
  • Vita Fortunati: Mirror Shards: Conflicting Images between Marie Curie's Autobiography and her Biographies
  • I. Biographies, Biographers, and Biographees
  • II. The Case of Marie Curie
  • III. Between History and Fiction
  • Zelda Alice Franceschi: Women in the Field: Writing the History. Genealogies and Science in Margaret Mead's Autobiographical Writings
  • I. Margaret Mead: Autobiography and History of the Discipline
  • II. Her Mentor's Biography: An Anthropologist at Work (1959)
  • III. Conclusion
  • Paola Govoni: The Making of Italo Calvino: Women and Men in the `Two Cultures' Home Laboratory
  • I. The `Old Russian Writer': Olga Resnevic Signorelli
  • II. Signorina Beatrice Duval
  • III. Efisio Mameli, His `Uncle the Chemist'
  • IV. Anna Mannessier Mameli, His `Aunt the Chemist'
  • V. Eva Mameli: From Sardinia to Lombardy
  • VI. Mario Calvino, Agronomist and Traveler
  • VII. The Calvino Mamelis: In South America and Back to Fascist Italy
  • VIII. Conclusion
  • Pnina G. Abir-Am: Women Scientists of the 1970s: An Ego-Histoire of a Lost Generation
  • I. Prologue: How did I Come to Focus on this Trio of Women Scientists?
  • II. The First ever Team of Women Nobel Laureates: Elizabeth (Liz) Blackburn and Carol W. Greider
  • III. The Discrete Charm of `Ellen's Story': Why Historicize a `Scientist, Interrupted'?
  • IV. Conclusions
  • V. Appendix: Career Trajectories as Historical Data
  • Afterword
  • Zelda Alice Franceschi: On the Margins of the Margins: Awareness and Delay
  • Biographies and the Writing of Biographies
  • Contributors
  • Acknowledgments
  • Name Index

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