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Partisans in Yugoslavia

Literature, Film and Visual Culture

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Miranda Jakisa(Hg.), Nikica Gilic(Hg.), Partisans in Yugoslavia (2015), transcript Verlag, Bielefeld, ISBN: 9783839425220


The ubiquitous Partisan narrative in Yugoslavia served well as founding myth of its newly united people. Its retrospective deconstruction has absorbed most of the academic attention for the Yugoslav Partisans since the break-up. This edition in contrast looks into the (hybrid) nature of partisanship itself as it appears in film, art, and literature. It explores the Partisans in Yugoslavia in Partisan novels, films, and songs, analyzes the - still ongoing - transformation process of the Partisan narrative, and reviews its transitions into popular (visual) culture.


Miranda Jakisa is professor of South and East Slavic Literatures and Cultures at Humboldt University Berlin.
Nikica Gilic is associate professor of Film Studies at the Department of Comparative Literature at the University of Zagreb, Croatia.


»An excellent and substantial volume.«
Gordana P. Crnkovic, Slavic Review, Summer 2017

Besprochen in:
Apparatus, 5 (2017), Dijana Jelaca


  • Cover Partisans in Yugoslavia
  • Contents
  • On Partisans and Partisanship in Yugoslavia’s Arts
  • Partisan Narratives, Stagings and Transformations
  • Contemporary Art. A Meeting of the Current and the Cosmic!
  • Yugoslav Partisan Poetry. Songs for the Leader
  • From Memoir to Fiction. Early Yugoslav Partisan Narratives Revisited
  • Partisan Star Wars. Aesthetics of Ideology, Ideology of Aesthetics in Croatian Partisan Novels
  • With or Without Gun. Staging Female Partisans in Socialist Yugoslavia
  • Portraits of Yugoslav Army Soldiers. Between Partisan and Pop-Culture Imagery
  • Partisan (Feature) Film in Yugoslavia: A ‘House’-Genre With an Afterlife
  • From Slavko to Slavica. (Soviet) Origins of (Yugoslav) Partisan Film
  • On the Specific (In)existence of the Partisan Film in Yugoslavia's People’s Liberation Struggle
  • Narrative and Genre Influences of the International Classical Cinema in the Partisan Films of Živorad-Žika Mitrovic
  • 1970s Partisan Epics as Western Films. The Question of Genre and Myth in Yugoslav Partisan Film
  • Bodies That Shudder. Disability and Typhus Sufferers in Partisan Films
  • We Need to Talk About Valter. Partisan Film and the Anti-Leftist Odium
  • Trenutki Odlocitve. A Slovene Partisan Story from the 50s and 80s
  • Trst Je Naš! Post-Socialist Slovenian Partisan Cinema
  • The Partisan as an Artist, the Artist as a Partisan? On the Relationship between Artistic Autonomy and Workers’ Self Management
  • Bibliography
  • Authors

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