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History and Humour

British and American Perspectives

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Barbara Korte(Hg.), Doris Lechner(Hg.), History and Humour (2014), transcript Verlag, Bielefeld, ISBN: 9783839425930

Beschreibung / Abstract

One tends to associate history with serious modes of presentation rather than with humorous ones. Yet Clio also smiles and laughs out loud: Comic renderings of historical events and figures have made a significant contribution to »popular« history since around 1800. This volume offers case studies on history and humour in Britain and the US from 1800 to the present, discussing various historical topics, actors and events from the Middle Ages to the recent past.


Barbara Korte is professor of English Literature at the University of Freiburg, Germany.
Doris Lechner is research officer at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology and co-founder of the Book History and Print Culture Network (D-A-CH).


»Die Beiträge des Bandes sind z.T. zwar sehr speziell, aber durchweg gelungen. Ihr besonderes Verdienst liegt in der Schließung einer Forschungslücke.«
Rainer Wehse, Fabula, 56/1-2 (2015)

»Ein wohltuend bescheiden auftretender Band, dessen Beiträge durchweg Interessantes und Unbekanntes zutage fördern. Dass man dabei oft schmunzelt und bisweilen sogar lacht, macht das Buch zu einem Lesevergnügen.«
Tobias Becker, Neue Politische Literatur, 59 (2014)

»All in all this is an attractive volume containing a wide-ranging and noteworthy assortment of contributions.«
John Parkin, HUMOR, 27 (2014)


  • Cover History and Humour British and American Perspectives
  • Contents
  • History and Humour Charting the Field
  • The Persistent Regency: The Presence of the Past in Victorian Illustrated Comic Literature
  • Richard Doyle’s Comic Histories: A Victorian Look at the Middle Ages
  • History ›from below‹ Stanley Holloway’s Monologues for the Variety Stage
  • Merrying the Monarch: Charles II in Historical Comedies (1800 to the Present)
  • On Boots, Beef, and Blackadder: The Comic Historiography of the Duke of Wellington
  • We ARE Amused! The Comical Uses and Historical Abuses of Queen Victoria’s Infamous Reproach ›We are not amused‹
  • The Old World and the New: Negotiating Past, Present, and Future in Anglo-American Humour, 1880-1900
  • ›There Wont Be Inny Show Tonite‹: Humoring the Returns of Scopic Violence in Suzan-Lori Parks’s Venus
  • Geoff Hurst’s Ball: Popular Tabloids and Humour on the Dark Side
  • List of Contributors
  • Index

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