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Islam and the Politics of Culture in Europe

Memory, Aesthetics, Art

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Frank Peter(Hg.), Sarah Dornhof(Hg.), Elena Arigita(Hg.), Islam and the Politics of Culture in Europe (2014), transcript Verlag, Bielefeld, ISBN: 9783839421765

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Beschreibung / Abstract

Culture is a constant reference in debates surrounding Islam in Europe. Yet the notion of culture is commonly restricted to conceptual frames of multiculturalism where it relates to group identities, collective ways of life and recognition. This volume extends such analysis of culture by approaching it as semiotic practice which conjoins the making of subjects with the configuration of the social.
Examining fields such as memory, literature, film, and Islamic art, the studies in this volume explore culture as another element in the assemblage of rationalities governing European Islam.
From this perspective, the transformations of European identities can be understood as a matter of cultural practice and politics, which extend the analytical frames of political philosophy, historical legacies, normative orders and social dynamics.


Frank Peter is assistant professor of Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies at the University of Bern, Switzerland. His research interests embrace political Islam, politics of secularism and historical memory.
Sarah Dornhof (Dr.) is a postdoctoral fellow at Freie Universität Berlin.
Elena Arigita is an Assistant Professor in Arabic and Islamic Studies at the University of Granada. Her research interests and recent publications deal with leadership, authority and Islamic movements in Spain.


  • Cover Islam and the Politics of Culture in Europe
  • Contents
  • Introduction: Islam and the Politics of Culture in Europe
  • The ‘Cordoba Paradigm’: Memory and Silence around Europe’s Islamic Past
  • Culture, Identity and Civilisation: The Arabs and Islam in the History of Spain
  • Istanbul’s Multiculturalism Reimagined in Contemporary British Fiction
  • Narratives of Belonging and Exclusion: Offering the Museum of Islamic Art as a lieu d’identité
  • Visual Government and Islamophobia
  • Veiled Bodies, Vile Speech: Islam, the Carnivalesque and the Politics of Profanation
  • On Tattoos and other Bodily Inscriptions: Some Reflections on Trauma and Racism
  • Seeing Difference, Seeing Differently
  • Fun and Faith, Music and Muslimness: Dynamics of Identity of Dutch-Moroccan Youth
  • Performing Vision: Re-presentation in Islam
  • Confronting Images: Jahangir versus King James I
  • From Haptic to Optical, Performance to Figuration: A History of Representation at the Bottom of a Bowl
  • List of Authors

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