English for Lawyers and Law Students

With a Short Introduction to the US Legal System

Astrid Tangl

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Astrid Tangl, English for Lawyers and Law Students (2008), Linde Verlag, 1210 Wien, ISBN: 9783709402641

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Beschreibung / Abstract

English for Lawyers and Law Students - now in 2nd, revised edition

Since legal language can neither be taught nor understood without context, English for Lawyers and Law Students essentially serves two purposes: It provides a brief overview of the US legal system and in doing so acquaints the reader with (primarily American) English legal terminology and a variety of law concepts.

The book?s contents are selective rather than comprehensive because the focus lies on legal vocabulary rather than content. Thus, each chapter is followed by a list of related legal terms and concepts, whereby the bulk of legal terminology is defined and explained in English and not forced into a German corset.

The author?s goal is to promote and ease the reader?s understanding of legal terms by contextualising them, which should enable the legally trained eye to realize the small but subtle differences between the American and related German terms. In addition, the book also includes a great number of legal terms and their respective translation into German.


Mag. phil. Dr. iur. Astrid Tangl went to law school in Innsbruck, Gainesville (Florida), Paris and Notre Dame (Indiana) and has a double major in American Studies; 1995 clerkship at the State Attorneys office for the 17th Judicial Circuit in Florida, from 1998-2002 assistant professor at the department of civil law / University of Innsbruck, since 2002 visiting lecturer at the University of Innsbruck; since 2004 District Court judge in Austria.


  • Titelei
  • Contents
  • Preface to the Second Edition
  • Preface
  • I. Important Differentiations
  • Civil Law versus Common Law (Legal Systems)
  • Concepts
  • Substantive Law versus Procedural Law
  • Private Law versus Public Law
  • Concepts
  • Civil Law versus Criminal Law
  • Criminal Law Concepts
  • Civil Law Concepts
  • General Concepts
  • Vocabulary
  • II. The Adversarial (Adversary) Systemof Trial
  • Concepts
  • Vocabulary
  • III. The Actors in a Courtroom
  • Concepts
  • Vocabulary
  • IV. US Court Structure
  • General System
  • Concepts
  • Federal System
  • State System
  • Concepts
  • Vocabulary
  • V. Case Citation
  • Concepts
  • VI. US Legal Education
  • General
  • Law School Admission
  • JD Program
  • Law School Accreditation
  • Master’s Degree in Law and other Postgraduate Degrees
  • Teaching Methods
  • Pro Bono Opportunities
  • Bar Exam
  • Law School Admission and Affirmative Action
  • Concepts
  • Vocabulary
  • VII. Briefing Cases
  • Concepts
  • Vocabulary
  • VIII. The US Legal Profession
  • Legal Jobs
  • Stratification of the Legal Profession
  • Partnership Track
  • Billable Hours
  • Legal Ethics
  • Concepts
  • Vocabulary
  • IX. The US Jury System
  • General
  • Excuse / Exemption from Jury Duty
  • Voir Dire
  • Jury and Trial Consultants
  • Jury Deliberation
  • Jury Nullification
  • Grand Jury
  • Concepts
  • Vocabulary
  • X. Case Flow
  • General
  • Criminal Pre-Trial Activities
  • Civil Pre-Trial Activities
  • Trial
  • Post-Trial Procedures
  • Concepts
  • Vocabulary
  • XI. Mutual Legal Assistance
  • Letters Rogatory
  • Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters
  • Extradition and Rendition
  • Concepts
  • Vocabulary
  • XII. Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • General
  • Arbitration
  • Mediation
  • Concepts
  • Vocabulary
  • XIII. Selected Issues
  • Property Law
  • Family Law
  • Equity
  • Contract Law
  • Tort Law
  • Corporate Law
  • Concepts
  • Vocabulary
  • Crimes
  • Elements of Crimes
  • Concepts
  • Asset Forfeiture
  • Concepts
  • Vocabulary
  • Index Concepts
  • Vocabulary

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